Fruits & Veggies

Michelle's Market grows and retails nearly 50 different fruits and vegetables! Everything is grown near Brooks, Alberta in the County of Newell. Located in the steppe region of Alberta known as the Palliser's Triangle, Brooks, has a semi-arid climate with low humidity and high heat-units in the summer. Our farm is fortunate to be located in the regions' Eastern Irrigation District (EID), one of thirteen irrigation districts in southern Alberta. The hot summer climate, our ability to irrigate the crops and our proximity to Calgary, AB makes Michelle's Market's farm the perfect place to grow fruits and vegetables in Alberta.

Garden Peas

Late June - Aug


Early June - Jul


Late June - Oct


Late June - Oct


Late June - Aug


Late June - Oct


Jul - Late Aug


Jul - Late Aug

Green & Yellow Beans

Jul - Sep


Jul - Sep

Patty-pan Squash

Jul - Sep


Jul - Sep

Cherry Tomatoes

Aug - Oct

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Aug - Oct

Hot & Sweet Peppers

Aug - Oct

Sweet Corn

Aug - Sep

Winter Squash

Sep - Oct



Additional Fruits & Veggies
Field Photo Gallery

Here are the additional fruits & veggies we grow!

- Watermelon

- Yellow Watermelon

- Cantaloupe 

- Honeydew

- Dill

- Green Peppers

- Romaine Lettuce 

- Cabbage

- Golden Beets

- Butternut Squash

- Acorn Squash

- Spaghetti Squash

- Buttercup Squash

- Pickling Cukes

- Bread & Butter Cukes

- Grape Tomatoes

- Roma Tomatoes 

- Potatoes 

Bill the farmer and Corvette checking seed depth and spacing
Green bean seedlings emerging on May long weekend
Green and yellow beans growing in July. Just about ready for harvest!
Garden peas 3 weeks after seeding
Garden peas starting to pod-out on May long weekend
Fresh garden peas almost ready for picking
Tomatoes ready to be transplanted to the field
Lettuce growing in the transplant garden
Yellow watermelon ready to be picked in August!

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